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Young Doctor (no longer than 5 years after PhD defend)

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    30/04/2020 00:00 - Europe/Brussels
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University of Lodz, Department of Immunology and Infectious Biology announces a competition for


Position: Young Doctor (no longer than 5 years after PhD defend)

Scientific discipline: Biological sciences

Job type (employment contract/stipend): Employment Contract – half-time position

Number of job offers: 1

Remuneration/stipend amount/month (full remuneration cost, i.e. expected net salary at PLN”): 5 000 PLN gross (estimated approx. net salary - 2700 PLN)

Position starts on: June 2020

Maximum period of contract/stipend agreement: max. until 30.09.2022

Institution: Department of Immunology and Infectious Biology, Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Lodz

Project leader: Prof. Andrzej Trochimczuk – Project leader

Dr Karolina Rudnicka – Member of the Steering Committee , Scientific Supervisor

Project title: Multifunctional composites biologically active for applications in regenerative medicine of bone system. Project is carried out within the TEAM NET programme of the Foundation for Polish Science

Project description:

The aim of the project is to develop new polymer-ceramic composite biomaterials designed for applications in bone regenerative medicine. As part of cooperation of all research teams, porous implants for bone tissue regeneration and bone stabilizing implants covered with innovative coating materials will be developed. The innovative solution on the coating materials market will be a collagen coating containing both hydroxyapatite and the active substance, i.e. clindamycin. The breakthrough achievement will be to obtain a composite implant that will have the ability to stimulate bone cells by mechanical transduction and release clindamycin and factors: TGF-beta and VEGF.

Key responsibilities:

  1. Evaluation of cells and tissues exposed to biomaterials and their pre-fabricates, as well as porous implants with the use of confocal, fluorescent and electron microscopy techniques;

  2. Preparation, staining and immunostaining of cells and tissue fragments for microscopy;

  3. Preparation and implementation of workshop(s) related to the use of confocal micro- and macro- scopy in biological research;

  4. Keeping project documentation in terms of content;

  5. Preparation of scientific reports;

  6. Presentation and dissemination of the obtained results.

Profile of candidates/requirements:

  1. PhD degree in the field of biological sciences, biotechnology (or similar) no longer than years after PhD defend (the beginning of this period is a year of diploma obtaining, and the end is a year of application deadline);

  2. English language in writing and speaking on advanced level;

  3. Scientific achievements (including publications in the international journals in which the candidate is the first or correspondent author)

  4. Experience in working in the field of biological research, with background in molecular biology and microbiology, proven by participation/ directing of scientific projects related to these areas of research

  5. At least one internship abroad (in a country other than the country of origin);

  6. Documented experience in working in scientific projects especially conducting interdisciplinary and/or pre-clinical studies in projects;

  7. At least two years of experience in the field of confocal microscopy and electron microscopy;

  8. Practical experience in cell and tissue processing for microscopy as well as acquaintance with electron microscopy

  9. Current permission to work on animal model and conduct experiments (mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs).

We would like to stress that in the case of winning the competition, the candidate will be asked to sign the declaration that the University of Lodz will be the primary place of employment of the candidate.

In the case of winning the competition by the candidate that is employed under the employment relationship with another employer engaged in the research, research and teaching, research and development or implementation (excluding cases specified in art. 125 part 3 of the Act) activity and this employment does not expire until the day of employment at University of Lodz as a primary place of work, this person, in accordance with art. 125 part 1 of the Act, with regard of art. 125 part 2 of the Act, is obliged to obtain the consent of the Rector UL for additional employment under an employment relationship with another employer after being employed at University of Lodz. In the case of the winning of the competition by a person, who runs a business activity, the requirement from art. 125 part 7 of the Act must be met.

Required documents:

  1. CV with a list of published articles;

  2. Copy of the document confirming the PhD degree;

  3. List of publications in journals from JCR list, list of presentations at conferences on project-related subjects;

  4. At least 1 publication from the JCR list in which the candidate is the first and/or corresponding author;

  5. Confirmation of English proficiency in speech and writing (confirmed by language certificates or scientific internship in English-speaking country);

  6. Documents confirming the participation in research projects as a project leader or a main contractor and in foreign scientific and/or industrial internship.

We offer:

Opportunity for self-improvement and self-development in young and experienced scientific team

Involvement in interesting research

Participation in Conferences

Application deadline:

Until 30.04.2020 23:59 with YD50/2020 in the e-mail title.

Please submit the following documents to: aleksandra.budzynska@biol.uni.lodz.pl

The application will be analyzed by the Recruitment Commission included 3 Members: Scientific Supervisor, Team Leader and other scientist in the field of project subject.

Recruitment shall include two phases:

Application submission

An interview with selected Candidates

The participants of the recruitment process have the right to appeal within 7 days of receipt of feedback from Recruitment Commission.

Offer Requirements

    POLISH: Good
    ENGLISH: Good

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Department of Immunology and Infectious Biology
Banacha 12/16

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