Health Care

Living in Europe | Health insurance | Latvia

All persons under insurance system in Latvia have a family practitioner. Person not residing in Latvia may also visit a family practitioner. If person would like to visit a medical specialist the referral from family practitioner is needed (except psychiatrist, pulmonologist for tuberculosis treatment, venereologist, narcologist, endocrinologist for diabetes or private specialists). Visiting private specialists, the patient pays for his treatment by himself/herself in full amount. For hospitalisation, with the exception of emergency health care, is referral from general practitioner or medical specialist required.

In case of illness or accident any hospital, health centre (called Poliklinika) or surgery / ambulatory care (called Ambulance situated in the countryside) can be contacted. First aid will be provided at any health care institution in Latvia at the admissions department or accident and emergency centre. Twenty-four-hour medical care is available at all hospitals and also some health centres.

Medicine can be bought only at Pharmacies (called Aptieka) in Latvia and there is an extensive network of pharmacies around the country. They can also be found inside some hospitals and health centres, shopping malls, stations etc. For some medicines, the prescription (recipe) from general practitioner or medical specialist required.

Comprehensive health care insurance. Insurance companies offer programs, covering patient charges, "payable" health care services, vaccination, medications, dental services and other health care services. Covering of charges and offered services depend on the selected insurance program and insurance payment.

Several insurance companies offer comprehensive health care insurance programs only for organizations (legal persons), which allow employers to provide comprehensive insurance for employees. Please consult your current or provisional employer regarding the possibility to join such comprehensive health care insurance during your stay in Latvia!

The European Health Insurance Card – EHIC operates in the state compulsory health insurance system in Latvia. Before utilizing a medical assistance guaranteed by the state, you must be confident that the service provider has a contract with the agency!