Recognition of Diploma and Qualification

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        Recognition of foreign diploma

        Professional recognition of foreign qualifications



Recognition of foreign diploma is necessary to:

  1. continue studies in Latvia;
  2. work in non–regulated professions.

Documents to submit for recognition of diploma: originals or certified copies of educational documents. If necessary, translations and legalization can be asked. During the procedure of recognition Academic Information center compares educational documents. Academic Information center evaluates a level of qualification compared to Latvian educational system and issues its statement. The statement together with educational documents should be submitted to the educational establishment or employer.

According the Regulations of Cabinet of Ministers evaluation of foreign degree on qualification is EUR 41.00 per statement (Cabinet of Ministers Regulations on AIC price list)

The final decision on recognition is made by:

  1. Ministry of Education and Science - in order to continue studies at primary or secondary education level;
  2. Higher education institution - in order to continue studies at higher education level;
  3. Employer - in order to work in the non-regulated professions.


Professional recognition of foreign qualifications is necessary if:

  1. the profession is regulated in Latvia;
  2. You have rights to practice profession fully and independently in your home country and you want to practice it in Latvia.

Data base on regulated professions in Latvia is developed by Academic Information Centre.

Necessary documents for recognition of foreign qualification:

  1. an application;
  2. copy of passport;
  3. documents approving education and professional rights in profession;
  4. certificate from competent home institutions on rights to exercise profession;
  5. certificate on work experience in home state;
  6. a certificate of good conduct (doctors, nurses, dentists, midwives, pharmacists, architects, veterinary surgeons) not more than 3 months old.

Documents which are not in Latvian should be translated into Latvian. Documents issued outside EU (except Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kirgyzstan, Moldova) should be legalised in Latvia. The cost for professional recognition procedure is EUR 200 according to The Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers. The professional recognition procedure takes 3-4 months.



Academic Information Centre carries out expert examination of education documents issued abroad and documents attesting to academic degrees conferred abroad and other functions related to recognition of education certificates and international information exchange. Centre is information institution on recognition of Professional qualifications in regulated professions and Europass national center.