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Relevant institutions in Latvia




Institutions in Latvia

Visit the home pages of these institutions for more information on the research landscape of Latvia: 

  • Ministry of Education and Science is responsible for education (including higher education), science, sports, youth and state language policies in Latvia.
  • Latvian Academy of Sciences facilitates the development of sciences, carries out scientific research. It takes care that all special knowledge that Latvia and the Latvian people have given and can give to the world science and culture - national culture, language, folklore, literature, social and economic experience, traditions - are realized, studied, perfected, maintained, and passed over to the future generations. The Latvian Academy of Sciences has joined the international scientific community, collaborates with other academies of sciences and scientific organisations in Europe and the world.
  • Latvian Council of Scienceis a collegiate institution of the scientists under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Science. The Council is a counsellor of the Latvian Government on research and researchers training issues. It advises on the formulation and implementation of science, higher education and R&D policy. The Council takes active part in project based competitive R&D funding, as well as promotes the development of Latvian researcher resources and fosters the international scientific cooperation.
  • State Education Development Agency (SEDA) is a direct administration institution which is subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science. The aim of the activities of SEDA is to implement the national policy in the field of development of higher education and science, and monitor projects financed by European Union (EU) Structural Funds, education innovation projects, EU programmes and other financial instrument programmes, projects and initiatives. Nation Contact Point of Horizon 2020 operates under SEDA.