Day Care and Schooling

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Every citizen of the Republic of Latvia and every person who has received a permanent residence permit, as well as citizens of European Union member states who have been issued a temporary residence permit, and their children, have equal right to acquire education.

Preparation of five- and six year old children for the acquisition of basic education, the acquisition of basic education or continuation of the acquisition of basic education until the age of 18, is compulsory.

Fees for the acquisition of pre-school, basic and secondary education at an institution established by the state or local governments are covered from the state budget or local government budgets. A private education institution may determine the fees for the acquisition of education.

Day care of pre-school age children will be ensured in municipal kindergartens, private kindergartens and by utilizing Day care of pre-school age children nanny services. In the municipal kindergartens the children will be admit to vacant positions according to wait–list and parents cover only feeding expenses. Utilizing of private kindergartens is based on tuition, but nanny services are paid services.



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