Quantum Universe Visitors Programme Call 2020/21

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    Universität Hamburg
    Mobility Incoming
    Natural sciences
    Recognised Researcher (R2) (PhD holders or equivalent who are not yet fully independent)
    Established Researcher (R3) (Researchers who have developed a level of independence)
    Leading Researcher (R4) (Researchers leading their research area or field)


Call for Applications
Quantum Universe Visitors Programme 2020/21

The Cluster of Excellence Quantum Universe at Universität Hamburg in cooperation with DESY is awarding a number of research fellowships for visiting scientists at any stage of their career. Successful candidates will be expected to participate in the scientific activities of Quantum Universe, to collaborate with its members, and to actively contribute to the qualification of early career researchers within the Quantum Universe Research School.

The fellowships will be awarded on a competitive basis for a period of 2–6 months each. Visiting scientists will be selected according to their scientific qualifications and their possible contribution to the research areas of Quantum Universe (Higgs physics, Dark Matter, Gravitational Waves, Quantum Theories). Applications for shorter or longer periods may be considered only in exceptional cases.

An important aspect of the visitors programme is to encourage women to engage in the research fields of the cluster. Female visiting scientists may serve as role models for young women in the field. Qualified female candidates are therefore particularly invited to apply.

Quantum Universe visiting scientists will be supported at a level to cover the expenses of their stay in Hamburg while on leave from their home institution. The Cluster will be able to reimburse travel costs and pay a monthly subsidy of 1800 EUR.

Applications should use the attached template and include a CV as well as a list of publications. They should also include a support statement by at least one Quantum Universe member or key researcher (https://www.qu.uni-hamburg.de/cluster/team.html). Younger applicants are encouraged to arrange for two letters of recommendation to either accompany the application or to be sent separately. All materials should be sent to the Quantum Universe office by email: office@qu.uni-hamburg.de

Applications may be handed in at all times, but for the current round of fellowships starting in 2020 or 2021 applications should preferably arrive before 15 April 2020.

The Cluster of Excellence Quantum Universe is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) under Germany‘s Excellence Strategy – EXC 2121 „Quantum Universe“ – 390833306. Information about Quantum Universe and its activities can be found on the web page: https://www.qu.uni-hamburg.de/.


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